Our own web portal was made for our tracking solutions. You can use it for many different use cases and also use our API to work with your own portal.
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Findntrack is our portal to display the collected values of our MaxiTrack and MaxiTrack+ devices. You can use it to set alarms for specific use cases or just to see where your assets are. You can use geo-fences to get an alarm when an asset is leaving a defined area or just use the motion sensor to get an alarm if the tracked asset is moving at all. 

Our portal is white labled. If you want your costumers to see your own brandin and coporate colors you can change it very quick in your own personal portal to provide more dealer loyality. 

Downloadable resources
  • Usecase Fleet management MaxiTrack & MaxiTrack+.pdf
  • Usecase Asset Tracking MaxiTrack & MaxiTrack+.pdf

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