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Omnitrack is an end-to-end visibility platform for industrial logistics.
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 Omnitrack brings order to chaos: you can now have complete visibility over your multimodal operations. Done with the black box: our platform gathers, enriches and cross analyzes your data, whether from sensors or logistics softwares (TMS, GMAO, ERP, etc) to deliver the right information at the right time. Beyond tracking, we leverage assets to optimize operations and boost performance.  Information is a weapon. Grab it.   

Key features

  • Fleet management -Increase availability rate. Never deal with transport capacities shortage again. 
  • Flow management -  Detect delays and hazards. Ensure successful deliveries via a single multi-client platform. 
  • Performance -  Get a strong hold on your performance levels to conquer new markets. 
  • Prediction -  Anticipate logistics network mismatching by uncovering patterns. 

Key benefits

  • Operational efficiency -  Stop wasting time looking for information. Omnitrack fills in the gaps with relevant logistics inputs. Focus your efforts on what really matters: finding solutions. 
  • Cost saving -  Optimize your containers’, railcars’ and trailers’ rotations, to achieve optimal fleet sizing. Each step towards full asset utilization means greater ROI. 
  • Risk control -  Secure your supply chain choices. Exploit probability-based scenarios in your decision-making process. Arbitrate with ease of mind. 
  • Enhanced performance -  All that can be measured is bound to be improved. Omnitrack gives you a custom-made set of KPIs. Drive your performance up and rank your logistics providers. 



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Commercially available


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