GlobalVisio® is an innovative SaaS platform which allows to meet the needs of supervision of technical equipments with functionalities of BMS (building management system) and IoT platforms.
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Commercially available

Initially developed for the field of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, GlobalVisio® did not cease to evolve with the wire of the projects and the technological innovations to become a modular and adaptable tool to any type of needs for equipment supervision, processing and exploitation of technical data.

The key points of the GlobalVisio® solution: 

  • multi-protocol, brands, technologies, 
  • interoperable
  • ergonomic, user-oriented
  • scalable and adaptable to needs

GlobalVisio® offers a native Sigfox connector allowing to easily and completely  integrate the various sensors on the market and to use all the functionalities of the platform: 

  • ergonomic, personalized and customizable dashboards,
  • large library of KPIs, simple, aggregated, dedicated (specific user or manufacturer needs),
  • technical synopses or contextual visualizations,
  • multi-language, 
  • simplified data consultation (advanced exploitation tools),
  • alarms, history, inventory,
  • automated reports,
  • ….



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Commercially available


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