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The HidnSeek standalone GPS Tracker ST-1A is an autonomous and rechargeable tracker backed by smart services enabling real-time, widespread, geolocalization and motion detection.
HidnSeek is an Arduino board with built-in customizable hardware for further sensor integration. This tracker can be easily enhanced with additional features allowing the deployment of new services.
The customizable web and smartphone apps offer business customers unrivalled flexibility in geolocation services. The HidnSeek tracker and its APIs enable a growing number of applications. 
Companion apps already available on Android, iOS and Web provide secure access to numerous services including: 
  • Multiple Geo-fencing
  • Motion Detection
  • Battery check
  • Alarm reporting
  • Temperature sensor
  • Atmospheric Pressure sensor

Benefits and highlights:
  • Customizable Hardware
  • Spare Analog and digital inputs available
  • Customizable Apps and APIs
  • Ideal for developper
  • Accurate Geolocalization
  • Alert Management
  • Rechargeable    


Sigfox Ready

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End Product Certificate P_0034_A58F_01



Commercially Available

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Production capabilities: +50,000 items

Direct buy link: https://hidnseek.fr/shop#st1a

Technical Details

Downloadable resources :

  • st1a.pdf

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Technical specs :

Dimensions (in mm)85 x 48 x 15
Weight48 gr
SensorsAccelerometer, Pressure, GPS, Temperature
Other supported protocolsBluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Battery TypeRechargeable (usb, charger, etc...)
Battery Life90 Days
Flashable FirmwareNo

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