iBLio - Sigfox MODEM

iBLio i7816 - The Sigfox MODEM ready to connect your next IoT Connected Device to the Sigfox network and to your remote Internet Cloud Services.
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The i7816 is a Sigfox MODEM that can be used both as a Sigfox MODEM evaluation kit or for the design of Sigfox DEVICEs. It 's based on the Wisol Sigfox READY certified modules type WS SFM10RxAT and is prepared to use all four types of modules for the four Sigfox zones 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Evaluation Kit for the Wisol Sigfox READY Modules
The i7816 can be used for the evauation of Wisol Sigfox READY Modules for Region 1, 2, 3 or 4. In this case the Sigfox MODEM it’s connected with a PC, running a Serial Communication TERMINAL software, using a FTDI Cable for USB to Serial Communications and for Powering the i7816.

A Sigfox MODEM for new Sigfox DEVICEs
The i7816, as a Sigfox MODEM, can be used to realize new Sigfox DEVICEs. In this case the Host part of the DEVICE power the i7816 Sigfox MODEM and can exchange data with the Sigfox Network using the i7816.  

Downloadable resources
  • i7816-ReferenceandUserManual-Eng (2).pdf

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Commercially available

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Technical Details

AT Commands

Compatible with AT commands: Yes

Embedded Software

Kit Type: Standalone

Development Platform(s):


Digital: 10

Analog: 5

This Dev Kit Embeds:


To activate your Sigfox subscription included with your kit, please visit backend.sigfox.com/activate


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