InUse makes the machines able to request the maintenance operations they need and to guide operators to take the most appropriate action.
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Relying on the digitization of the expertise of production technicians and experts and data collected from the machines, InUse allows them to request the maintenance operations necessary that guides the shop floor operators towards the most appropriate action within a specific production context.

Designed to deliver connected maintenance services in factories, InUse empowers the workforce with collective intelligence that significantly improves manufacturers’ industrial performance. It enables machines for instance to :

  • monitor production performance indicators such as OEE 
  • predict equipment failure (predictive maintenance)
  • significantly reduces the time needed to restart a machine after a stoppage (corrective maintenance)
  • run cycle based maintenance operations (preventive maintenance)

InUse is focused on guiding its customers towards data driven services so that they can mobilize the right team at the exact time.

Downloadable resources
  • Brochure InUse - Octobre 2018 - V1.2.pdf

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