IO Frog platform

Sigfox dedicated IoT platform with dashboards tailored for specific devices, device & connectivity management, message processing, notifications and multi-language support including Japanese.
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Commercially available

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  • All devices in one place - We design specific dashboards for each type of device to maximize the benefits based on the purpose of device. 
  • Map view - Custom markers based on device status, tracing history, difference between home position and current position
  • Notifications - SMS and E-mail notifications set on device level
  • Subscription plan utilization  - Review how you utilise or overuse your subscription plan
  • Subscription details and renewal - You will find expiration date and current subscription plan for each device. It is very convenient to register a new device and buy / renew your connectivity. 
  • Multi-language support
  • API for integration with 3rd party applications 



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Commercially available


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