IoT Maturity Scale

Do You Have an IoT Innovation project? Test Your IoT Maturity! Take 5 minutes of your time for a full personalized report.
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Commercially availableJan, 2019

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Our IoT maturity scaler has been designed to help you identify how robustly developed your project is and where you need to intensify efforts for your IoT innovation to be a success.

In 15 questions, which is roughly 5 minutes of your time, you will find out to which of our 5 Iot maturity stages you belong to and what actions we can advise to help you build your project on solid ground rather than sand.

Get our full report and identify areas where you need to dig into. Check where Witekian software experts can help you make sure your IoT innovation project is not just a dream but can become a reality.

For example you might find out that you are at an “Early bird” stage. In short (you will see much more in our full report), it means you will need to dig into various areas of your IoT innovation idea. This will lead you to your first POC to test and validate your ideas and maybe start again, as innovation is often an iterative process.



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Commercially availableJan, 2019


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