A MEUNGO platform

A platform to mix and match your Sigfox sensors into a single environment.
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Commercially availableJun, 2018

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A platform designed to a changing business environment. 

Allows you to quickly get any collection of sensors online in a single platform and integrate it into your day to day operations.

Integrates with any Sigfox device in matters of minutes:  

  • allows you to start collecting data with simple drag and drop configuration
  • allows you to define payload  convertors, can deal with any payload
  • allows you to define devices containing out of multiple independent sensors
  • allows you to provision and verify the provision from within the application 
  • allows you to continously monitor the status of the Sigfox connection, integrated with Sigfox backend
  • allows you to drag and drop reports and dashboards to be shared with any subset of users
  • allows you to define rules to trigger alarms, e-mails and integration with external systems
  • allows you to define users using the Identity and Access Management with role based access control
  • allows you to build new applications using Identity and Access Management to manage access
  • allows you to simulate devices to test configuration and integrations



Not certified yet



Commercially availableJun, 2018


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