MIIMETIQ: The IoT Composer to create IoT Platforms


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MIIMETIQ allows customers to map their business logic requirements providing all the commonalities required by every M2M/IoT application like User Management, Connectivity Layer or Asset Management among others. Main advantage of MIIMETIQ is dramatic reduction of development time on end user IoT  applications.

●Create your own IoT solutions
● MIMETIQ allows customers to map their business logic requirements providing all the como
●Run your applications on-premise or Cloud (public or private)
●Graphical parameterization (Control Panel) 
●Dashboards and reports designer
●Powerful rules and actions, allows: alarms and automations
●APIs available to connect third party modules and applications
●SDKs available for frontend and backend extensions
●Programming language agnostic
●Extendable, easy to add your services and connect 3rd party applications
●SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) mixed with an event oriented architecture
●Scalability by design, from tens to millions of devices
●Specialized databases:
- Assets and metadata management: MongoDB
- Time series DB: Graphite engine (Alignment, Merging, Hole filling)- Traces DB: Elastic Search (logs and registries with structured or semi-structured data) 
- Connectable to Big Data services (Hadoop, Spark and others)
- Analytics systems compatible: Pandas, R, etc.
●Users and security management (AAAA)
- Internal IDM
- Compatible with: OpenAM and WSO2 Identity Server
●Wide range of protocols to connect devices/assets: AMQP, MQTT, Sigfox, CoAP, HTTP, TCP, UDP,  SNMP, Modbus, etc.
●Support your private protocols to connect devices/assets, easy to add
●License manager, easy set-up of ISV system for your IoT solutions

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Commercially Available