Water saving and better agronomic control based on real-time water potential measurement and 7-day forecasts. Monitoring, root growth measurement... on green spaces, sports fields, irrigated crops.
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Minisense reduces the water consumption of green spaces, sports fields, racecourses and irrigated crops by 30 to 70% thanks to a service based on:
- The production and analysis of data from communicating autonomous sensors (water potential) and other data sources (weather forecasts)
- A water demand prediction capacity of more than one week  
It also allows a precise evaluation of the root development of plants.

1. Receive and install your stations on the site to be monitored (15' per device); 

2. Daily schedule watering (quantity and frequency) according to the water available at the roots in real time and in 7-day forecasts;  

3. Save time and water 



Sigfox Ready

Class 0

End Product Certificate P_00B5_D641_01


Commercially available

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Production capabilities

1,000-10,000 items

Warranty duration

2 year(s)

Technical Details

Product casing

Dimensions (in mm): 225 x 50 x 15

Weight: 185gr

IP Code: IP68

Recommended operating temperature: -15° to 50° C

Customizable casing: Yes

Customizable fixation: Yes

Minimum order quantity for custom casing or fixation: products



Mandatory - Internal

Water flow / Consumption

Optional - External



Dedicated - Internal

Type: Wire


Battery life: 24 Months

Embedded Software

Flashable Firmware: No

External antenna

A connector for an external antenna is available


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