Modulus Two

Monitor and remote controlling


In Development


Configurable multipurpose modular device. Built-in temperature, humidity and pressure sensor, with optional plug-in external sensors and remotely controlled relays. Dedicated firmware, web & mobile application−management & analytics platform with lots of features. Long range, low power consumption, high performance autonomous wireless sensor transmitting data over Sigfox network 6 times per hour. Downlink triggered relays for controlling and operating various devices up to 4 times a day.

Additional external sensors and configurations upon request.

  • Transmission on regular basis or by threshold alert
  • Self-configurable alerts & notifications
  • Editable charts and databases, history, average, min, max and other predefined values
  • OLED display, optional plug-in 10A 250VAC, 10A 30VDC relays
  • Powered by Li-ion 3.6V rechargeable battery or AC Adapter

Optional plug-in external sensors

  • environment (weather, moisture, humidity, rain, gas detector, air pollution, …)
  • flow (air flow meter, anemometer, water meter, …)
  • sound, acoustic, vibration (microphone, geophone, seismometer, …)
  • navigation (gyroscope, accelerometer, gps, altitude, magnetic compass, …)
  • presence (PIR, motion detector, radar, reed, doppler, ...)


In Development

Technical Details

Technical specs :

Dimensions (in mm)65 x 95 x 25
Weight80 gr
Battery TypeReplaceable
Battery Life10 Years
Flashable FirmwareYes
Ip CodeIP67

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In Development
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