Next Industries Cloud Platform

Web Service IoT Platform to remotely control and monitor all your field devices.
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Commercially available

Connection of your devices to our Cloud Platform is fast and easy. You need only to connect wireless interfaces, data logger or sensors to the Internet (LAN, external modem, or with the new SIGFOX radio) and all data will be available in real time, everywhere. 

It's possible to set different kind of widgets in a dashboard, according to your needs: Gauge, Line Graph, Table, Map. This allows the customer to create a custom-made graphical layout in notime.

It's possible to set different dashboards, each referring to a different plant, for example.

Our Wireless Interface Sigfox certified is the monitoring solution usually offered together with the Cloud Platform.

BENEFITS: low cost, user-adjustable Widgets and Dashboards, Tablet/Smartphone/PC data display 

APPLICATIONS: Structural Monitoring, Smart Water Monitoring, Smart Industry, Smart Piping, Smart Environmental Monitoring, Smart Energy, Smart Agriculture

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Commercially available


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