Single Chip Transceiver including Sigfox library.
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Commercially available

The NXP® OL2385 radio frequency transceiver with embedded microcontroller is designed for a wide range of industrial and home applications requiring very high link budget for bi-directional RF communication.

The embedded microcontroller in the OL2385 multi-standard sub-GHz transceiver enables the implementation of complete subsystem and lower layer driver functions. As a result, package pre-processing and time-critical ACK responses are simpler than the responses from standard transceiver devices fully controlled by a host MCU.

The device is supplied with a SIGFOX library integrated that may be configured to support any of the SIGFOX Zones. The software stacks is controlled by a system host microcontroller via APIs available through either UART or SPI. NXP’s Kinetis® microcontroller is supplied with a driver library and the Kinetis software development kit (SDK). A 22dBm reference design is also readily available.

Downloadable resources
  • 37291-PRNT-OL2385-FS-updt-Ltr-final-LR.pdf

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Commercially available


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