Outdoor temperature sensor

The OUTDOOR TEMPERATURE is an SIGFOX TM autonomous sensor operating on battery that radio transmits over long distance and in real time air temperature measurement.
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The SIGFOX TM OUTDOOR TEMPERATURE from nke Watteco is a narrow-band, long range, low power consumption, high performance and high quality wireless sensor transmitting temperature from a NTC probe.

The OUTDOOR TEMPERATURE sensor is ideal to supervise air temperature. It provides connection to any wireless network using the SIGFOXTM protocol.

The transmission is done on regular basis and by threshold alert.

The unit reports every 24 hours the average, minimum, maximum temperature measured that is useful to compute unified degree days which is a typical indicator of energy consumption and costs for heating or cooling.

The OUTDOOR TEMPERATURE sensor is easy to use, deploy and maintain:

  • NFC tag for identification (Part number, serial number and manufacturing number)
  • Magnetic switch to activate/de-activate the sensor

The measured temperature can be locally stored, concatenated and compressed. This unique batch mechanism significantly reduce the amount of data transmission for demanding applications and drastically increase the autonomy.

Powered through a lithium battery, in data-compressed mode it allows an autonomy of up to 12 years when measuring one time per hour and radio transmitting data one time per day.

The configuration of the transmitter can be done at factory or on-site allowing the choice of measurement cycle, measurement, information frame radiotransmission periodicity, alarms threshold values, data compression mode.

Downloadable resources
  • 50-09-039_SPG_Sigfox_Outdoor_Temperature_Sensor_EN.pdf

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Sigfox Ready

Class 0

End Product Certificate P_001D_EACA_01



Commercially available
Production capabilities

1,000-10,000 items

Technical Details

Product casing

Dimensions (in mm): 84 x 82 x 55

Weight: 200gr



Mandatory - Internal


Battery life: 12 Years

Battery type: Not Replaceable

Embedded Software

Flashable Firmware: No


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