Reekoh IoT Integration Platform

Reekoh's IoT integration platform connects devices to the largest collection of enterprise SaaS platform, tools and services on the market.


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 We are solving one of the biggest problems faced by enterprises wanting to adopt the Internet of Things – system integration. 

Our goal is to be the #1 IoT platform-of-choice when it comes to integrating device data with enterprise SaaS and business systems. It’s not enough for enterprises to be given another silo system for the IoT, another dashboard to log into and manage, or another set of processes governing where data stored and how it’s secured. 

Reekoh delivers device data closer to existing business systems and processes than other IoT platforms because we work either with the tools and platforms that are already in place, or those that are being implemented to solve larger company-wide requirements. In this way, Reekoh is the perfect IoT platform partner for all players within the IoT soilution value chain and ecosystem. 


  • Plugins for 100+ best-of-breed gateways, protocols, and enteprise SaaS platforms, services and tools ... and growing 
  • Device management, registration and authentication layer, including integration to other management platforms (for example Cisco Jasper) 
  • Multi-instance architecture keeps customer device data separate and secure Secure data transport from ingestion to integration 
  • Data enrichment via Services to add further context and intelligence to raw device data 
  • Open-source framework to developing plugins, plus QA and management workflow for publishing to the Plugin Store 
  • Multi-directional device communication and commands 
  • Companion "DeviceBot" desktop app for simulating IoT devices during development or demonstration 
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Commercially Available