ResIOT™ IoT Platform

IoT Platform On-Premises or Cloud High availability and scalability.
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ResIOT is an IoT platform that allows you to manage any type of device! 
Dashboard: With ResIOT™ dashboard widgets you can easily check the status of your devices. You can have real-time charts, action buttons, images and maps with synoptic and location of devices and be notified immediately of any problems or events such as timeouts;
On-Premises or Cloud: All components of the ResIOT™ Platform can be purchased in SaaS (Software as a service) on Cloud platforms such as OVH Cloud, AWS Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix, Azure managed by us or be installed by the customer with purchase of licenses annual or perpetual On-Premises
High Availability and Scalability: ResIOT™ Platform was designed to ensure the security and availability of all data with support for redundancy, failover, workload balancing, high scalability and minimized affect on maintenance. ResIOT™ Platform allows the management of millions of devices
Data adapters & Connectors: Real time, simultaneous and persistent connections with MQTT Broker, Websocket, http, etc;  
Infinity Automation: With ResIOT™ Smart Scene and ResIOT™ Advanced Scene with Lua 5.1 scripting language, you can build and setup all kinds of automation between IOT devices or standard protocols Tcp, Http, Curl devices; Lua 5.1 Scripting: ResIOT™ Platform integrates the Lua5.1 scripting language interpreter into the ResIOT™ Smart Advanced Scene. In addition to the standard functions, more than 100 functions have been introduced to integrate with all the devices in the system, for parsing the payloads with hexadecimal management, bytes array, for saving data;
Asset management Tracking & Maps: ResIOT™ Dashboard integrates a management system for Openstreetmap™ and Google Maps™ with which it is possible to monitor the position or the path of the devices
Alerts and Notifications: Built-in notification system on events: messages can be sent via email using private SMTP servers, with Telegram™ BOT or displayed directly on the ResIOT™ dashboard. It is also possible to send messages through ResIOT™ Smart Scene or Advanced Scene Lua5.1;
Web interface: ResIOT™ can be used from any Desktop, Tablet or Mobile device regardless of operating system. Bootstrap system compatible with the most popular internet browsers such as IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge and more
gRPC JSON REST API: Integrate ResIOT™ inside any third-party software with any type of languages programming. More than 100 APIs available for the management of devices / Smart scenes / connectors and variables;
Linux/Arm/Windows: ResIOT™ Platform is available for Linux systems Debian/Ubuntu 32/64bit, Linux with ARM, Windows 64bit. IoT preconfigured devices: Thanks to the ResIOT™ IoT Model component we have pre-configured several IoT devices inside ResIOT to simplify use in plug-and-play mode. With the wizard you can quickly connect the devices and immediately start to use them without complex configurations of payload decoding



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