Development kit to enable solution prototyping to build smart devices. Enables current measurement, micro USB interface, firmware development using popular Arduino IDE.
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This prototyping kit enables solution development for IoT devices communicating on the Sigfox network. The kit is standalone without the need of an additional MCU board. In such, it has 2 core parts, a Wisol based Sigfox radio module, and a microcontroller to drive and control the messaging, data collection and processing functions. The kit is supported by peripheral pins that can be used to sample and acquire data. The kit is powered and driven by a USB cable connected to a PC. The microcontroller is an Atmel ATMEGA32U4-AU. Given this, the firmware programming can be done using the popular Arduino IDE based on the Leonardo design. The kit includes an SMA antenna that is matched to the Wisol module.  

ATMEGA32U4-AU is a USB slave device that enables firmware programming without the need of an additional component for interfacing to the PC. Thus reducing component count and costs.

A jumper is provided on board to measure current consumption, enabling design of low power devices.

The kit layout is compatible with Arduino shields, giving freedom to the developer to use sensor shields as per their requirements. 

The kit supports all RC zones. However, hardware purchased for a particular zone is limited to that specific zone only. 

The kit also has ESD protection as recommended by Wisol. 

To summarize, this kit is a useful piece of hardware for anyone who wishes to prototype and experiment solutions, eventually enabling the user to develop a final solution for a device to meet industry or community needs. 

Downloadable resources
  • Protofox-Quick-Start-Guide.pdf

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Warranty duration

1 year(s)

Technical Details

AT Commands

Compatible with AT commands: Yes

Embedded Software

Kit Type: Standalone

Development Platform(s): Arduino

Development Environment(s) - IDE: Arduino


Digital: 16

Analog: 6

External antenna

A connector for an external antenna is available

This Dev Kit Embeds:


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