Smart-View Utilities

Smart-View Utilities is a smart-metering platform for managing your utilities. The platform provides access to daily & hourly readings, leak & burst pipe detection.
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Commercially availableJun, 2018

Smart-View Residential smart-metering solution provides the convenience and efficiency of monitoring your consumption through an IoT platform powered by Google App Engine that’s easy for everyone to use.  The platform is suitable for all sectors i.e estate utility management, facility managers, managing agents, commercial buildings as well as individual households.

Smart-View Turn Key Solution

  • Reduce unnecessary water consumption
  • Assists in limiting, reducing, and preventing damage to buildings caused by concealed water leaks, often structural
  • Minimize damages caused in the process of searching for or exposing a leak – very often more than what the leak itself causes
  • Burst Pipe Detection
  • Leak Detection
  • Automated Billing (Integration into Financial System)
  • Irregular consumption Detection

Smart-View Residential Utilities solution for better utilities management:

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Downloadable resources
  • Smart-Metering-Residential-Utilities_2021.pdf

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Commercially availableJun, 2018


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