SMOCKEO is a fully autonomous connected smoke detector that uses the SIGFOX network to communicate for day-to-day monitoring and live alerts.


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Smockeo is the only smoke detector that will meet your most stringent safety requirements. Its advanced prevention, assistance, and statistics functionalities pushes back the frontier of modern technology.

Completely independent from the home electrical network, Smockeo is directly connected to the Internet of Things through the SIGFOX network.

Smockeo can be installed everywhere and warns by phone call, SMS or email when required (smoke detection, low battery, detector removed from its mounting bracket...). Different access and information levels for relatives are possible.

Professionals can take advantage of a centralized management of their assigned properties.


For maximum security, pair at least two detectors together, they will act as repeaters ensuring that the data is transmitted through the SIGFOX network.


Sigfox Ready

Class 0

End Product Certificate P_0020_833E_01



Commercially Available

Production capabilities: 1,000-10,000 items

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Technical Details

Downloadable resources :

  • Fiche Technique.pdf

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Technical specs :

Dimensions (in mm)120 x 120 x 50
Weight225.2 gr
Battery TypeReplaceable
Battery Life5 Years
Flashable FirmwareNo
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