Our building performance platform collects and analyses data from IoT technology, & provides revolutionary insights to drive their mission of making every building healthy, efficient and sustainable.
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 Introducing the Tether Platform!

All the data, one platform
The Tether Platform analyses millions of data points at once, giving you a complete view of building performance and real-time insights.
So whether you’re tracking ventilation, plant maintenance, energy consumption or air health, the Tether platform enables you to see all your data and manage all your devices, from one easy-to-use platform.​Have a BMS system? No problem, we can integrate your BMS data into our platform too. 

Intervention Impact
Understand the impact of your decisions
Our ‘Before and after’ evaluation tracks impact and allows for effective ROI reporting to stakeholders and shareholders. Positive, effective results inspire more positive, effective action.   

Building Health
Solve your building health concerns
Easily benchmark the total health of your building while gaining valuable insight into how your building is impacting the well-being of the people inside it.

Energy Mapping
See what's draining your energy and budget
Avoid losing thousands of dollars in wasted energy and gain vital visibility through granular  energy mapping and sub-metering. See your energy in detail for the first time.     

Predictive Maintenance
Save money and time on system failures
Get granular insight into which systems and equipment are close to failure and in desperate need of maintenance; easily track power outages and out-of-schedule maintenance events.

Carbon Tracking
Calculate your buildings operational carbon cost
Easily calculate the operational carbon footprint of your building by monitoring all energy sources used to keep your buildings warm, cool, ventilated, lighted, and powered.




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Commercially available


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