Waylay IoT Service Platform

A cloud-to-cloud integration platform (PaaS) aggregating and integrating data across many different IoT, IT and cloud sources, enabling businesses to bring new digital services to market.
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Waylay is a Sigfox certified platform that can readily ingest and visualize Sigfox sensor data for you and your customers. Waylay provides automation and integration into existing IT back-end systems and scales to millions of devices. 

IoT solutions often operate in silos and don’t integrate well with existing IT back-end systems and cloud applications. This leads to inflexible solutions with high integration costs. Waylay is an award-winning IoT service orchestration platform that breaks down silos by connecting devices with SW applications and online services. Waylay makes automation and integration faster, smarter and more scalable. For more information and to request a demo, visit www.waylay.io 

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Commercially available


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