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Wialon is a multifunctional fleet management system, also used for mobile and stationary assets tracking. For more than 13 years in the international market Wialon GPS Fleet tracking solutions have entered the national markets of 100 countries.Over 900 fleet tracking service providers have chosen Wialon recognizing our favorable business terms (we never put our customers into long-term contracts), flexible, yet powerful fleet management features and 24/7 high-quality technical support. 

Wialon comes in SaaS and server-based modes.

Wialon Hosting is a SaaS version of our GPS tracking software, characterized by extensive functionality and flexible customization options. Platform updates come out on a regular basis and constantly add to already robust fleet management capabilities. Hosted solution allows you to eliminate costs, associated with server hardware and software acquisition, installation and administration.Wialon hosting storage and administration is carried out in Wialon datacenter (see «Service Level Agreement»). Providing proprietary vehicle tracking software Gurtam undertakes the technical part and a client can focus on business issues. 

Wialon Local is a server based version of Wialon satellite vehicle tracking system. Due to modular functions structure the client may choose only the features relevant for their business.The fleet management system can function on standard capacity servers and is suitable for those who possess from 100 to several thousands of units. Intelligent platform management interface allows for remote server start or shutdown.

For your convenience we developed a free mobile client of our GPS fleet tracking system for devices running on Android and iOS. The core functions of the system are available in the application allowing you to get all the necessary data on units. 


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