WMD MK5 SigFox

Water Management Device with SigFox connectivity for meter reading and status reporting as well as shut off valve management.
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Countries adapted for RC1

Commercially availableDec, 2019


Made by

Utility Systems’ innovative water management device (WMD) has evolved. The WMD Mk5 is Utility Systems’ next generation water management device, and its first IoT device that can communicate directly with the cloud, allowing for meter readings and loading of prepaid water tokens. 

The WMD Mk5 Sigfox utilises the proven, secure and wireless Sigfox network for greater meter interrogation. By linking the WMD Mk5 IoT to a pulse output water meter, water service providers can receive data directly to their back-end database systems via the cloud. This allows for Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and modernises Automated Meter Reading (AMR) which is crucial for reporting purposes.rst IoT device that can communicate directly with the cloud, allowing for meter readings and loading of prepaid water tokens. 

  • AMI/AMR functionality via the SigFox network 
  • The WMD Mk5 sends meter readings and status alarms directly to the SigFox network. The data is then stored on the SigFox backend system and USC then pull the data into our USC Backend where we use the data for analysis and customer reports.
  • Prepaid Tokens can be sent down to the WMD via the SigFox network and thus enable end users to use our mobile App for this purpose. 
  • End users or customers can also send Valve Open/Close commands via the SigFox network. 
  • The WMD Mk5 also has a separate short range radio which is used to communicate with the USC User Interface Unit (UIU) so that the end user can use the UIU for Prepaid tokens and other functions. This radio can also be used to communicate with the USF RF Probe.
  • An Infrared (IR) communications function allows for in-field service options if required using the USC IR Probe.
  • A new Meter Probe has been incorporated in the MK5 design which can now also measure reverse flow from the water meter whilst still having tamper functions and 100% accuracy and the ability to easily connect to almost any water meter.
  • The MK5 has been designed to have a minimum battery life of 5 years and also has an in-field replaceable Battery pack as part of the design.
  • The MK5 is configurable with a multitude of settings for customer options.
Downloadable resources
  • WMD Mk5 Datasheet - Final Draft.pdf
  • WMD Mk5 Brochure - Final Draft.pdf

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Sigfox Ready

Class 0

End Product Certificate P_017C_2B03_01



Actionable data
  • Water meter readings
  • Prepaid water info
  • Status Alarms - Tamper, Leak, Battery
  • Water usage profiles
  • Valve Status
  • Remaining credit (Prepaid) 
Typical number of messages per duration


Expected period without human intervention

5 year(s)

Roadmap information
  • RC2 and RC4 versions to follow Q2 2020 
Minimum order quantity to custom product

10000 products


Commercially availableDec, 2019
We can provide commercial support in the following countries


Production capabilities

+50,000 items

Sample available


Warranty duration

1 year(s)


EXW – Ex Works

Technical Details

Product casing

Dimensions (in mm): 115 x 64 x 131

Weight: 595gr

IP Code: IP68

Recommended operating temperature: 1° to 60° C



Dedicated - External

Type: Custom


Battery life: 5 Years

Battery total Voltage (V): 3.6

Battery total Capacity (mAh): 19000

Additional Information about the power supply

Replaceable Battery Pack

Embedded Software

Flashable Firmware: Yes

External antenna

No connector for an additional external antenna


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