Y-Rig Water Meter

Water meter for the Agriculture sector


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A real breakthrough in the irrigation metering market.
Y-RIG is an ultrasonic irrigation water meter, with wireless capabilities in a robust and cost efficient design.
It allows irrigation users to create intelligent water irrigation systems to reduce their operating costs.

Two version available:
The Y-RIG 65 has been designed for irrigation applications. Its robust design allows to sustain outdoor highly demanding environments and agriculture typical usage conditions.
  • DN 65
  • Nominal flow rate: 63 m3/h
  • Max pressure: PN16
  • Pressure loss at Q3: 0,1 bar
  • Wireless: Sigfox network interface
  • No mechanical movement
  • Aluminium case

The Y-RIG 100 is designed for large flow management in agriculture and irrigation applications.
  • DN 100
  • Flange type mechanical interfaces
  • Nominal flow rate: 105 m3/h
  • Max pressure: 16 bars
  • Pressure loss: 0,1 bar at Q3
  • IP 68
  • Embedded Sigfox interface


Sigfox Ready

Class 0


Commercially Available

Technical Details

Downloadable resources :

  • Y-RIG data sheet 05 2014.pdf

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