Be secured everywhere and all the time
A smart watch and its webapp to alert people everywhere and all the time

Co-assist is a start-up founded in 2015 to develop the first wearable device with Sigfox, dedicated to watch and secure people (link to post on Sigfox's blog).

The connected watch Co-assist is used to report an alert (with a push button) and automatically detects falls. Equipped with a GPS, it can also automatically detect when a person is lost or when they get too far away from their home. An alert can be triggered at home and outdoor everywhere in the Zone 1 (Europ, Middle East, Africa), more to come, where Sigfox is covering. For this, algorithms and communication allow Co-assist's watch an energy autonomy of several months.


CA alert solution

Complete alert solution including trigger wearable and alert management

Product type

In Development