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Webapp and its mobile apps able to handle any kind of trigger and to notify in the smartest way


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In order to deal with the alert sent by the alert watch, but also to be able to integrate any other type of alert source, Co-assist has developped a webapp able to transform any request in a more or less intelligent notification.

  • notifications are sent directly through : email, sms, webhookn, smartphone notification, phone call with a personnalized text-to-speech message
  • with a specific integration : on medical safety system (e.g. in nursing home), call center, ...
  • at best, you can use the smart alert engine built by Co-assist

To configure the alert engine, you select every people you want to be involve in an alert situation. You select if  they should either be notified by phone call or on mobile app. Then during an alert, the engine choose automatically the most relevant helper, using agenda, mobile localization, home address, or any available information. If the most relevant helper isn't available, it will try to reach the next one until it found an helper.You can find here our Android mobile application. Also available on iOS.You can of course through our dashboard manage your devices (attach/detach devices to end user)s and have an overview of the activity of your assets.


In Development

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