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Complete alert solution including trigger wearable and alert management


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The Co-assist's watch is a nicely designed watch for securing people everywhere anytime.

Thanks to Sigfox network, alerts can be send from any place with a very low energetic cost.

Our engineers has worked to provide the smartest device. It can detect automatically

  • fall
  • extended period of inactivity
  • exit of a safety zone

With a GPS embedded, it can provide the latest position in order to find quickly the  wearer.

Of course, it gives insight about its battery level.

 It can be use as an alert trigger in many use cases. Messages are send online and can then be dispatched in any end solution

  • with Co-assist's app : on phone call, sms, email, mobile app (Android & iOS) and the Co-assist's self-managed alert service
  • with a specific integration : on medical safety system (e.g. in nursing home), call center, webhook, ...



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