Monitor your drums, couple the drum with the cable order and create monetizable value for your clients.
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"myDrum-by-ffly4u" is a multifunction and multi-technologies service. It was made to give information to create value for the cable producer as well as his client. It is the first Industrial IOT application that allows not only to monitor mobile assets and to couple the drum with the cable order, but also to create monetizable value by the supplier for his client. Particularly following the order during the whole trip in the Supply Chain.   


Drum Monitoring / Follow-up of the order :

  • Geolocalisation outdoor and indoor
  • Geofencing: entry / exit of the site’s area
  • Inter-drums communication 
  • Peering drum vs order

 Assistance to site management  

  • Presence of the order on site / alert
  • Follow-up of the drums’ turnover rate / alert 
  • Motion detection when the site is closed 
  • Calculation of the length remaining cable / fibers on drums


  • Best management of the drum
  • Best management of the site
  • Creation of business-value around the follow-up of order for the benefit of the cable producer’s client 
  • Help to monetize this value


  • Fixing a fflytrack on the drum + fflydots on some sites
  • Embedded SW "myDrum-by-ffly4u"
  • Platform - data "myDrum-by-ffly4u"
Downloadable resources
  • myDrum ffly4u.pdf

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Commercially available
Production capabilities

+50,000 items

Business cases

Connected drums : outdoor geolocalization

Nexans uses wood and steel drums to store and transport cables for its clients such as Enedis. Customers spend millions of dollars every year by renting drums surrounded by cables. Collecting empty drums and purchasing new ones to renew the partly lost, stolen or damaged fleet entail significant costs for Nexans. 


The annual cost of logistics is above one billion of euros, without taking into account costs about losses and misuses. Also, it's estimated that 300 drums are lost per year, which generates an investment of around k€ 500 devoted to the pruchase of news drums by the company. This non-optimal management of the drums fleet affects negatively the profitability of the Nexans model as well as its efficiency.  


As part of a 6-month pilot, ffly4u has fixed GPS emitters on a 500-drums fleet distributed among two industrial sites allowing assets geolocalization through a web platform.

Results : The system implemented by ffly4u made it possible 

  • to reduce downtime on construction sites
  • to reduce the costs of the drums management by 20%
  • to optimize return transport flows and follow-up in real-time the progress of the sites on the Enedis sites.

The pilot was thus successful. The prospects for development are many : development on international sites, extension of the technological base via different networks, widening the solution to other equipments. 


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