Creation of new KPI on constructions sites thanks to our connected drums solution.
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The key and specific functionalities : 

  • Calculation of residual cable length on a drum = new KPI for work in progress (thanks to Edge AI Low Power ® technology )
  • Theft alert : tracking with a high localization rate  
  • Message replay  

  The standard functionalities : 

  • Indoor/outdoor drums geolocation  
  • Inter drum communication  
  • Time fencing alerts  
  • Geofencing alerts   
  • Idle time alerts  


Commercially available
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Business cases

Connected drums : creation of new KPI

Leader in the cable and telephone fiber industry, Nexans uses wood and steel drums to store and transport cables to its clients.    


 No full transparency of the drums fleet :   

•No tracking of drums shipments in real time

•No information about the work in progress on construction sites

•Loss/theft of cable drums

•No complete overview about the total availability of drums

•High administrative effort to control the flow of drums


Calculation of the residual length

The remaining cable length on a drum at the end of the site is a real KPI of the state of progress of the site allowing, among other things, to optimize the collection of empty or partially empty drums and in the latter case, to be able to reassign the residual lengths on another site. 

The only way to meet this business need is to use the proprietary ffly4u technology called "Edge AI Low Power®“. In other words, the integration of the technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the device, capable of recognizing these different life cycles of the drum. 


Geolocalization is done thanks to a mix of technologies embedded in our device:

  • BLE (indoor)
  • WIFI (indoor, courtyard, urban environment)
  • GPS (outdoor).

New functions integrated into our services such as “message replay” and “inter-drums communication” allow to maximize the value. 


Customer has full transparency of the fleet and the flow of drums :  

  • Real-time monitoring of site progress by a new KPI.
  • Reduction of idle time on construction sites.
  • Reduction of drum management costs.
  • Reduction of logistics costs related to cable reassignment.
  • Huge gain thanks to technological differentiation.

Ultimately, monetize the data for the benefit of your customer


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