Waste container tracking

Track your waste containers and turn them into a web of connected objects. By equipping your containers with low-power trackers, you gather data about container movement, location, rightful use, etc.
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Use case

Managing waste containers is often perceived as a low-tech undertaking. However, equipping your waste containers with low-power trackers can transform individual waste containers into a web of smart, connected objects. This allows you to gather information about waste container movement, location, rightful use, etc. In the Sensolus web application, you can leverage this data to optimize waste management processes.  

Product highlights

  • Low-power trackers with a battery life up to 5 years
  • Interactive waste container map
  • Waste container movement insights 
  • Scheduled reports 
  • Waste container alerts & dashboards


Commercially available

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Production capabilities

+50,000 items

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