Since 2013, the solution provides beekeepers with a simple management system for their apiaries, for a optimized overview of the insects’ movements thanks to very precise monitoring of the hive.
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Thanks to Optibee, one can assess the status of a bee colony by permanently analyzing the apiary’s weight and temperature, Optibee enables each beekeeper to adapt and plan the work that needs to be done, according to live data. A beekeeper is therefore able to work from over 500 km away from his / her apiaries. Optibee is a strategic tool, which enables apiculturists to harvest at the right time or to treat urgent issues such as bringing supplies in case of famine. Knowing exactly when one needs to intervene on the hive enables the beekeeper to avoid unnecessary travel, thus reducing the environmental impact of the beekeeper.   The social impact on the beekeeper is significant, as the constant data will result in reduced travel, and stress. The solution also offers opportunity for more teamwork, via sharing of information and data by beekeeper communities. Beekeepers using our solution reduce their travel costs by about 30% and productivity is greater as the beekeeper can better plan his/her work. Furthermore, monitoring performance indicators enables increased productivity for the apiaries from one year to the next via optimal bee selection. One of Professional recognitions of ITSAP French Bee Institute, using our solution for bee monitoring.

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Commercially available
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