HummBox Sewer network monitoring Solution

Real time level monitoring of sewer networks to better anticipate cleaning / maintenance actions.
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Countries adapted for RC1, RC2, RC4

Commercially available

HummBox sewer network is a solution to better anticipate cloggs cleaning and inflow leaks.

 Key features   

  • KPI calculation : Flows, clogging speed, inflow leaks, active surface, ...
  • Fit to local configuration : pipeline diameter, rugosity, slope, ...
  • Measurement frequency customizable over the cloud (once a day to every 10 minutes)
  • Alert on  thresholds (SMS ou email)
  • REST API to get the data
  • Real time dashboard, map and KPIs for decision making in App (desktop or mobile)
  • Device management dashboard, hibernation mode, reboot over the cloud, ...

WebApp & mobile + Device management dashboard for solution as a service :      Use cases / benefits   

  • Tank monitoring : reduce delivery logistic costs, eliminate extra  costs of emergency deliveries, improve quality of service (see more in  Business case section)
  • Sewer network monitoring : better anticipation of cleaning /   maintenance actions (reduce maintenance costs), identify rainfall   overflow, improve quality of service
  • Trash monitoring : reduce logistic costs, improve quality of service

Solution “as a service”, from the sensor to the dashboard:  

  • Device “as a service”: level monitoring sensor + Sigfox connectivity
  • Software “as a service”: IoT platform + Apps (dashboard and fleet management features)


Commercially available
Production capabilities

1,000-10,000 items

Business cases

Sewer network moniroting

Solution to reduce maintenance costs and comply regulatory constraints with relevant sensor density in the network and alerts on cloggs and leaks


  • Cleaning / maintenance actions cost because of low anticipation
  • Overflows caused by leaks coming from rain falls management or groundwater
  • Comply with regulatory constraints


HummBox level ultrasonic are easily deployed in the network and collect data at a customizable frequency.

The platform is providing KPI : flows, inflow leaks, active surface, ... and predict cloggs.

The web application is providing dashboard, maps and alerts for optimizing maintenance & cleaning actions, and better understand inflows.

  • Continuous level monitoring with relevant density of sensors in the network
  • KPIs & alerts to identify cloggs and evaluate leaks flows

  •  Key benefits
  • Better anticipate of cleaning / maintenance actions
  • Improve rain falls management
  • Comply with regulatory constraints


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