HummBox Air Monitoring Solution

Solution of Air quality monitoring for buildings, school, offices.
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HummBox Air monitoring is a solution to monitor and improve air quality in public buildings, schools, nursery and offices

 Key features   

  • Button for on-site configuration and instant measurement
  • KPI calculation : Average CO2 last 7 days, Percentage of time over threshold, ...
  • Over the cloud calibration
  • Measurement frequency customizable over the cloud (once a day to every 10 minutes)
  • Alert on thresholds and KPIs (SMS ou email)
  • REST API to get the data
  • Real time dashboard, map and KPIs for decision making in App (desktop or mobile)
  • Device management dashboard, hibernation mode, reboot over the cloud, ...

WebApp & mobile + Device management dashboard for solution as a service :     


  • Guaranty regulatory compliance for within buildings (public or private school, nursery, ...)
  • Improve employees work conditions and efficiency (office)


Production capabilities

1,000-10,000 items

Business cases

Improve air quality at the office



Whether at school, in the office or in public places, we are exposed to air confinement conditions:

- We spend 80% of the time in enclosed spaces, where the air quality is 2 to 5 times worse than outside 

- A concentration of CO2> 1000 PPM alters the intellectual powers 

- Over 10% rooms are over "guide values"

- Poor IAQ causes illness and increases absenteeism rate


HummBox AirIndoor are deployed in several rooms and make some measurement every 15 minutes.

The platform is proving confinement KPI : average CO2 mast 7 days during working hours, ... .

The web application is providing dashboard, alerts on threshold and analytics to better understand and take actions.


  • Increases employees cognitive performance : 10%
  • Reduces absenteeism: 30%


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