label abeille : connected beehive

The connected beehive allows a non-intrusive control of the colony and the prevention of abnormal behaviors.
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Bees are essential to our balance. But for more than thirty years, they have been dying, at an alarming rate. Eventually 30 to 50% of bees die each year depending on the region. Yet they are responsible for over 80% of the pollination of flowering plants.  Bee Label helps nature through state-of-the-art technology and lets you become an active actor against bees’ disappearance. The connected Beehive allows users to remotely monitor the health of bees and is also a tool for learning and communication. Thanks to its dashboard, non-professional beekeepers are advised and large companies share their commitment for bees.  From a computer or a smartphone, your Bee Label personal account allows you to watch over your bees and their productivity. You receive alerts by e-mails or by phone (texts) when your intervention is necessary (theft, honey flow, swarming…): you save time and you do not move around needlessly!  


In development

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