Creation of critical business data in the Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) sector.
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The key and specific functionalities :

  • Measurement of washing  duration  
  • Detection of an empty state  
  • Detection of a full state  
  • Shock alerts  
  • Message replay  

The standard functionalities :

  • Indoor & outdoor geolocation  
  • Temperature alerts on a full RTP  
  • Time fencing alerts  
  • Geofencing alerts   
  • Idle time alerts  
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Commercially available
Production capabilities

+50,000 items

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Business cases

Detection of the Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) life cycles

RTP are used every day in the cosmetics and logistics industries. 


•Unwashed RTP arrived at production (=delay)

•Loss of products (turnover) because of too high temperature 

•No complete overview about the total availability of the RTP

•High administrative effort to control the flow of RTP

•Difficulty to identify the parties involved in case of customer litigation


Detection of the empty/full state

Thanks to a 3D accelerometer integrated into the device, it is possible to measure movement of side walls.

  • Detection of the “empty” state to know if the container is stored on site, unused and ready for return transport.
  • Detection of the “full” state to know how much time the sensitive goods are stored on site.

Washing time measurement

Only “Edge AI Low Power®” (integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the device) makes possible to recognize the Karcher vibration on the container.  It guarantees a high level of quality and allows to identify when a container is ready to be reintroduced into the logistics flow. 

Shocks detection:

Our device integrates a 3D accelerometer to qualify shocks. 

Temperature monitoring

A temperature sensor is integrated in the device. There are temperature alerts programmed to avoid damage of products due to too high/low temperature.


Geolocalization is done thanks to a mix of technologies embedded in our device:

  • BLE (indoor)
  • WIFI (indoor, courtyard, urban environment)
  • GPS (outdoor).
  • LPWAN networks (reduced costs)


  • Provide full transparency about position and status of your transported RTP and content.
  • Increase the RTP turnaround rate between the different sites.
  • Continuous connection between the RTP and its content for ETA and other services.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by avoiding litigations.

Ultimately, monetize the data for the benefit of your customer.  


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