Be able to create value with the couple trailer vs truck while being independent from the truck's GSM telematics.
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 ‘’myTrailer-by-ffly4u’’ is an innovation in terms of industrial connected objects in the Transport and Logistics sector.  


Trailer LPWan telematics  

  • Geolocalisation of the trailer 1 to 10 times a day
  • Automatic peering : trailer vs truck 
  • Drastic reduction of the standard costs 

Follow-up of the ‘’life’’ of the trailer

  • Knowledge of the trailer’s running time 
  • Knowledge of the trailer’s condition (status, repair, etc.)
  • Alert via email/SMS : unloading, temperature threshold, etc.


  • Trailer LPWan telematics : alternative to very expensive GSM telematics 
  • Monitoring of the temperature
  • Suppression of diverted trailers 
  • Objectivation of the trailer’s use 


  •   Fixing a fflytrack to the trailer and a fflyloc to the truck   
  •   Embedded SW "myTrailer-by- ffly4u"
  •   Platform - data  powered by thingworx (PTC) "myTrailer-by-ffly4u"    
Downloadable resources
  • myTrailer ffly4u.pdf

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Commercially available
Production capabilities

+50,000 items


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