New key indicators to monitor the recycling process.
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The key and specific functionalities in the  waste management industry : 

  • Filling alert
  • Emptying detection
  • Etc. 

The standard functionalities :

  • Outdoor geolocation  
  • Geofencing alerts   
  • Idle time alerts  


Commercially available
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+50,000 items

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Business cases

New key indicators to monitor the recycling process

Example of one of the leaders in the waste management industry.


 •No skips tracking in real time

•No complete overview about the total availability and state of the skips

•High administrative effort to control the flow of skips


Filling alert

Through various technologies, ffly4u solutions make possible to trigger skips' filling alerts to redirect the skip to the discharge. The skips’ filling alert is a real KPI to monitor the recycling process, which makes possible to automate and optimize the logistics flows. 


Geolocalization is done thanks to a mix of technologies embedded in our device:

  • BLE (indoor)
  • WIFI (indoor, courtyard, urban environment)
  • GPS (outdoor).


  • Increase your skip turnaround rate  
  • Monitor the state and maintenance of your skips 
  • Optimize the collection means
  • Improve operational planning
  • Optimize service management
  • More efficient service to users  

Ultimately, optimize the process for better customer service.  


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