ALEVEL 0275 Smart Tank Level Sensor

Wireless communication, robust design for outdoor operation, compatible with wide range of tanks & tank gauges, long life battery (6+1 years), Atex certified


Commercially Available

ALEVEL 02x5 is a smart LPG tank sensor that provides wireless communication either autonomously with IoT (LPWAN) technologies or with external gateway. OKO 5575 battery powered, ATEX certified device is a recommended gateway that collects data from up to 6 ALEVEL 02x5 devices in range.

ALEVEL 02x5 is easy to install on various types of LPG tanks and its own mechanical dial fits most commonly used float arm level gauges.

IMR Remote Tank Monitoring System, designed and developed by AIUT, is a state of the art solution for remote readout of tank level data and used among other applications for the LPG Inventory Management.

Downloadable resources
  • Alevel0275_EN_20171031.pdf

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Sigfox Ready

Class 0

End Product Certificate P_003D_866D_01


Actionable data


•• Radio frequency 868MHz, 1mW

•• Radio range: 200m for above-ground tanks, 20m for underground tanks (1mW transmission )

•• Frequency, channel, output power can be adjusted in accordance with the local requirements

•• EMC, R&TTE Compliant

Sensor & Readout Data

•• Data trasmitted over radio link every 3 minutes

•• Type of data transmitted: tank level, temperature, battery status

•• Measuring the direction of the magnetic field, Hall effect sensor

•• Resolution 1%, the total accuracy of 5%

•• Ambient temperature sensor, the accuracy + /-3 0C

•• Operation parameters can be changed remotely

Environmental Parameters for ALEVEL 02x5

•• Operating temperature : -20°C to +50°C

•• IP 68 – can work submerged in 0.5 meters water deep (may

reduce radio communication range)

•• UV resistant

•• ATEX certificate: FTZU 16 ATEX 0070 X II 1G Ex ia IIB T3 Ga



Commercially Available

Production capabilities

+50,000 items

Where to buy ?

Technical Details

Product casing

Dimensions (in mm): 46 x 45 x 120

Weight: 41gr

IP Code: IP68

Recommended operating temperature: -20° to 50° C

Customizable casing: Yes

Customizable fixation: Yes

Minimum order quantity for custom casing or fixation: products



Dedicated - External

Type: Wip


Battery life: 7 Years

Additional Information about the power supply

• Non replaceable Lithium battery, 6+1 years lifetime • ALEVEL 02x5 is able to provide battery level and the estimated lifetime

Embedded Software

Flashable Firmware: No

External antenna

A connector for an external antenna is available

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