Azure IoT Suite Predictive Maintenance

Anticipate maintenance needs and avoid unscheduled downtime by connecting and monitoring your devices.
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Predictive maintenance with IoT

Predict equipment failures before they happen, and systematically prevent them—for millions of machines across the globe. Use streaming data from sensors and devices to recognize warning signs, predict equipment maintenance needs, and preemptively repair equipment, saving you time and money.

Increase asset reliability with rich insights

Focus on what matters most to your customers: reliability. Improve asset availability by gathering and transforming data from sensors and systems to vastly improve operations—offering predictive, and even preemptive, maintenance.

Thyssen Krupp : “I call it the ‘virtual troubleshooter’. When the elevator reports that it has a problem, it sends out an error code and the three or four most probable causes of that error code. In effect, our field technician is being coached by this expert citizen.”

Rory Smith, Director of Strategic Development for the Americas



Predict equipment failures before they happen

Monitor an asset’s health to head off potential problems, while promoting equipment efficiency through preventative maintenance software. Collect and analyze the untapped data from your connected assets to proactively plan maintenance, decrease downtime, and improve retention of the asset’s value.

Rolls Roice : “Our TotalCare maintenance program was revolutionary in the ‘90s, so we’re pioneers ourselves, and by collaborating with a fellow pioneer like Microsoft, we can absolutely bring innovative digital solutions to airlines now.”

Alex Dulewicz, Head of Marketing for Services

Monitor millions of devices, globally

Use a cloud solution to connect devices and assets, then collect untapped data and create predictive models, anywhere in the world. Improve access to production and supply chain data worldwide, reduce costly downtime and maintenance, and increase productivity.

Rockwell Automation : “What we're talking about is delivering a degree of collaboration and visibility unheard of in the oil and gas industry. With sensors, software and the cloud, these disparate assets can become part of a connected enterprise, powered at its core by a rich flow of data.”

Doug Weber, Business Manager

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