Azure IoT Suite Remote Monitoring

Connect and monitor your devices to analyze untapped data and improve business outcomes by automating processes.
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Scale to millions of devices for quick time to market

Create a broad-scale Internet of Things (IoT) solution by connecting devices, assets, and sensors to the cloud. Scale with ease and confidence—from just a few sensors to millions of simultaneously connected devices—with the reliable, global availability you need to keep a competitive edge.

Honeywell : “The ease with which we can connect different components in the Azure environment cuts our deployment cycles and makes it easier to integrate more features even as our business scenarios get more complicated.”

Ashley Noble, Engineering Fellow



Uncover insights with previously untapped data

With your company’s devices and sensors connected, remote management helps you collect previously untapped data, then use built-in capabilities to improve operational efficiencies. Set up real-time analytics in a scalable, high-performance, and resilient way—without having to manage complex infrastructure and software.

ABT : “Instead of only selling the assets, we wanted to become responsible for their daily performance, their longevity, and ultimately the cost of ownership at the customer site. No one else in the market was selling power; they were selling assets. Looking at power this way was a paradigm shift in the battery industry.”

Ken Fearn, Founder and CEO

Build IoT solutions with confidence

Enhance the security of your IoT solution across physical devices, connections, and data by using remote monitoring. Use per-device authentication by setting up individual identities and credentials for each of your connected devices. And, retain the confidentiality of both cloud-to-device and device-to-cloud messages.

Schneider Electric : “As Schneider Electric helps our customers solve their operational challenges through mission-critical, IoT-enabled solutions, it is imperative that customers can trust the integrity and security of their mission-critical systems won’t be compromised. By building our IoT platform on Azure IoT Suite, we are able to leverage its industry-leading security, privacy, and compliance capabilities necessary to instill confidence in our customers that their enterprise systems are secure end-to-end.”

Cyril Perducat, Executive Vice President of IoT and Digital Transformation



Monitor assets anywhere in real time

Whether assets are down the street or across the globe, automate the tracking of their status and health—more effectively, efficiently, and reliably than your existing systems. With asset management solutions, you’ll get live data and insights to make real-time decisions that move your business forward—no matter how remote your assets.

WLS Lighting System : “The two-way communication between the light fixtures and our web interface on Azure enables users to not only remotely control light fixtures, but also collect information on each fixture’s energy consumption and how it’s functioning.”

Kevin Fletcher, President of Energy Services

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