FuelDesk Dashboard

View all of your customers' tanks, set up alerts on important tanks, reports, consumption data, graphs, etc.
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Commercially availableJan, 2018

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The Fueldesk platform is designed for professionals wishing to monitor a tank group. 

From this platform it is easy to find : 

  • Customers and their tanks
  • Alerts that can be configured on the tanks's customers: two types of alerts (minor or major alert). 
  • Tank consumption data
  • Volume history of each tank 
  • History of fills / pumpings / alerts etc. 
  • Customize your liquids and create new ones 

The FuelDesk platform can also  be equipped with additional sensors: motion detection, GPS sensor etc. via specific request. 

The Fuel it team can indeed realize complete projects from A to Z, having a team of in-house developers custom projects can be realized.



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Commercially availableJan, 2018


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