The IoT platform AYGA dots supports integrally all features of WS2 and it is an extremely powerful way for connecting WS2 devices. It is also the best way to visualize data collected by your device.
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Commercially availableJan, 2021

Wide connectivity
Various types of devices and communication protocols can be connected to implement a management solution. AYGA dots also connects to legacy systems and other IoT platforms, preserving the investments already made.

Highly scalable, the platform is 100% based on current cloud computing technologies, making it possible for the continuous evolution of its functionalities to be possible.​ It has advanced features for data collection and management, using current LPWANs communication protocols as well as legacy commercial and industrial protocols. This flexibility enables its use in the most varied segments.

End-to-end solutions
When AYGA dots is used with AYGA WACS devices, a truly complete solution (software and hardware) is achieved, with all levels of a solution seamlessly integrated and the final solution in tune with customer demands.

Two types of modules make up the dots architecture:​1. Functional ModulesThey provide the necessary functions for the application, carrying out the acquisition, storage and processing of data.​​2. InterfacesThey take the information to the users of the system.



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Commercially availableJan, 2021


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