The devices can be used to monitor water outlets, TMV’s, calorifiers, & other parts of a piped water system. The devices work in conjunction with devicepoint software to provide a full solution


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  The device accepts up to 4 analog inputs from resistive temperature sensors, which are also provided as part of the solution. These include pipe clips for a variety of pipe diameters, which are simple to install, with sensor cables of varying lengths (0.5m – 3m).   The device uses the SIGFOX network to transmit temperature profile information to the  devicepoint™ platform – this means that there is no requirement to integrate or interfere with any of the onsite/local IT or networking systems – the solution does not require any local networking support (e.g. Wifi). The device monitors all 4 temperature inputs once every 5 seconds, analyzing and reporting key information (hourly temperature summary, daily summary, key temperature change profile events, and status information) in near real-time.   The device is battery powered, and can be configured remotely to alter its power mode and other operating parameters. In its ‘long life’ mode, the device will continue to operate for up to 8 years.   The device is IP55 rated so can be used in damp/moist environments.   Please note: this is not a datalogger – it does not store any temperature data locally. The device analyses temperature data locally and transmits information to the devicepoint™ platform using the SIGFOX network. Temperature profile information and events can be customized to meet customer requirements.            

  Specifications      Analog Inputs         Inputs   2 x 2-way NTC   Thermistors (10kohms resistance @ 25C) (supplied)     Measurement   range   -5C to +90C   (can be configured to other temperature ranges)     Accuracy   +/- 1C     T63 Response   Time   5 seconds               Power         Battery   1 x C8.5Ah   Lithium Thionyl Chloride, non-rechargeable. Not field replaceable other than   by trained installer     Lifetime   3-8 years, dependent   on operating mode               Radio         Frequency   SIGFOX –   868Mhz (unlicensed spectrum)     Protocol   SIGFOX (see http://makers.sigfox.com)     Output power   14dBm     Wireless range   Up to 15km,   SIGFOX coverage dependent     Antenna   External   antenna ½ or ¼ wave (supplied)               Environmental Requirements         Operating   temperature   -30C to +60C     Storage   temperature   -50C to +85C               Enclosure         Ingress   Protection   IP55     Dimensions   99mm x 60mm x   37.5mm     Security   Tamper proof   screws, tamper label (void if removed)        


Sigfox Ready

Class 0

End Product Certificate P_008A_895F_01



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Technical Details

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Technical specs :

Dimensions (in mm)99 x 60 x 38
Weight100 gr
Battery TypeNot Replaceable
Battery Life5 Years
Flashable FirmwareNo
Ip CodeIP55

Solutions with this Device

Devicepoint for Healthy Water

Remote water temperature monitoring for Legionella control; replacing costly manual monitoring regimes.

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At the heart of all of our solutions is the devicepoint cloud access framework. Key services include: Security Layer, Device access & control, Dashboards & Reports, Analytics, Integration to ext. apps

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Commercially Available
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