Sigfox Verified Development kit for AX-SFUS (RCZ2) solutions.
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The Sigfox DVK (DVK-SFUS-1-GEVK) is a miniaturized development kit for the designer starting out with the AX-SFUS SoC chip, a ultra-low power high performance Sigfox Verified SoC for up-link and down-link for RCZ2 region. The Sigfox DVK hardware consists of a USB debug adapter and an RF module and includes all software necessary to develop systems in shortest times. The module has a tiny footprint and is equipped with an SMA connector.

The DVK comes with a free Sigfox subscription and is pre-programmed with the Sigfox stack and a comprehensive but easy to use  serial protocol based on AT commands. An external application processor is needed to use this solution. Designers who want to develop a self-contained Sigfox application should use the AX-SFUS-API solution. 

The DVK is also a reference design. The designer can copy and paste the  reference design to their application board and reuse the DVK Sigfox ready ™ certification (P1). The reference design has also been checked for regulatory compliance, minimizing risk for the customer's product level compliance.

Downloadable resources
  • EVBUM2501-D.PDF

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Sigfox Ready

End Product Certificate P_000B_1BE9_01



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Technical Details

AT Commands

Compatible with AT commands: Yes

Embedded Software

Kit Type: Standalone

Development Platform(s): Custom

Development Environment(s) - IDE: Custom


Digital: 9

Analog: 6

External antenna

A connector for an external antenna is available

This Dev Kit Embeds:


To activate your Sigfox subscription included with your kit, please visit backend.sigfox.com/activate


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