HYDRA Experience Management

HYDRA Experience Management helps you transform data into value across customers, products and employees.
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HYDRA Experience Management is a solution that has been built for organisations wanting to leverage and aggregate their operational and experience data with real time data from humans, sensors and systems to gain and communicate experiences insight.

We transform data into value across customer success, customer experience and journey, operations, survey and feedback information, cyber and physical security, compliance, finance and capability management. This includes understanding how data from events outside your organisation’s control influences your experiences (for example power outages). This allows you to react faster and be flexible.

This allows a holistic view of your organisation across business functions and gives access to tailored information to all. C-levels, strategy and operational managers, customer experience managers, sales consultants, in field agents, call centre agents and managers, product owners and employees all have access to a piece of data relevant to their context. Everyone in the organisation becomes part of a cohesive awareness ecosystem.

HYDRA allows you to efficiently and effectively leverage data to gain a competitive edge and to gain information awareness. This leads to informed planning, strategic level decision making and sustainment. 

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