HYDRA Holistic Safety and Security

HYDRA Holistic Safety and Security helps you transform data into value across safety and security.
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Commercially available

HYDRA Holistic Safety and Security is a solution that has been built for the entire safety and security community - private security companies, emergency services, policing, border safeguarding, disaster management, community policing, security estates, national level organisations, intelligence operators, law enforcement, courts and judicial personnel, international crime and multinational organisations.

We help you to transform data into value across response and reaction, monitoring, capability management, urban and communities, compliance, investigations, finance and risk assessment.

Applications of HYDRA include urban & rural security, crime analysis insights, smart and secure cities, emergency & disaster management and tracking of high value assets. 

Anything that requires information awareness and needs data, decisions and action, we can do.

HYDRA allows you to efficiently and effectively leverage data to gain a competitive edge against threats, to gain information awareness and to allow securing of people and assets in any situation. This leads to informed planning, strategic level decision making and sustainment. 

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