Infinity IOT

Infinity Cloud is an online server platform enabling continuous monitoring of assets and environmental conditions. It allows users to analyse the data, generate reports and configure alerts.
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Commercially availableSep, 2018

There are few quality and safety issues more important than those relating to the storage and transportation conditions of temperature sensitive food and pharmaceutical products.  

INFINITY™ is on a mission to reduce supply chain abuse and help keep the products you rely on safe. We bring visibility, accountability, and traceability to sensitive and perishable products throughout the supply chain. 

Meet compliance standards
and prevent product loss with INFINITY™ wireless temperature monitoring and compliance reporting solutions. Our wireless sensor solutions allow you to remotely monitor various aspects of your cold chain via online connected devices. Our products offer complete and affordable sensing, data tracking and compliance reporting. 

Analyse your data, download reports and receive notifications and alarms by email or directly to your phone by SMS.  Alerts are automatically generated upon triggered events, low limits, high limits, battery levels, system status and more  

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Commercially availableSep, 2018


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