Tanknology - Wireless Tank level Monitoring system

Liquid tank level Monitoring solution.
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wireless IoT solution for measuring levels in liquid storage tanks, rivers, reservoirs, weirs, storm water drains and dams. The device measures the level every hour and with our smart algorithms provide the level in percentage and litres. 


Business cases

Water tank levels

IoT-based water level monitoring provides automatic detection of liquid levels from differently sized tanks or storage containers. It is a state-of-the-art system specially designed to inform the users about the real status of the liquid levels. It is meticulously designed to benefit the industrialists with IoT technology and improve the overall business productivity. 

IoT-based water level monitoring provides real-time autonomous detection of water levels and takes appropriate action based on the levels including overflowing, water depletion, and water usage. Deploying an autonomous system to keep a real-time check upon the water levels provides an effective solution to water-related challenges. 


With many droughts and water scarcity problems happening across the world, knowing the exact volume of water can help to provide uninterrupted water supply. The real challenge begins with how to monitor the water level from remote locations? The available solutions in the market cost way too much and may or may not do the job. Because it is hard to build a cost-efficient level monitoring solution which empowers to remotely monitor the water level of water bodies.


 It is very difficult at times to keep a real-time track of every water drop consumed or wasted. Moreover, the orientation of the tank hinders the facility of monitoring the water levels. Therefore, using an IoT-based solution assists in keeping an accurate record of the water levels. It consists of sensor devices, which automatically detect the level of water inside any tank. The solution provides actionable insights for the managers to make wise & necessary decisions in situations of leakages or overspilling of tanks. It is due to the customizable feature of the solution that sets a threshold value beyond which an alert system gets triggered and notifies the concerned authority. 


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