IoT Telematics Device

The IoT Telematics Device is a wireless, motion-activated, long battery-life and GNSS (GPS and GLONASS) positioning vehicle and asset telematics device with add-ons such as magnets and tamper-detect.
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Countries adapted for RC1

Commercially availableSep, 2020

This versatile smart telematics device was designed to be a wireless, low-power, asset and vehicle telematics and tracking device. A few external inputs and outputs are available for additional sensors and drivers. Our cloud-based platform is continuously expanding and providing more trip and telematics insights to the user. We are committed to working with and meeting the needs of the client by configuring the device and platform to best suit their requirements.

A few of the standard features include:

  • Uplink and downlink capability
  • GNSS location (GPS and GLONASS constellations)
  • Speed monitoring
  • LED indicators (can be switched-off remotely)
  • Device-to-device (peer-to-peer) communication
  • Motion detection
  • Temperature sensor
  • Battery level monitoring
  • Impact detection
  • Tamper detection switch
  • Low-power design
  • Long battery life (depends on device activeness configured, but designed to last years on our standard setup)
  • IP66 tested (device has rubber seal for waterproofing)

Optional additional features:

  • Rechargeable version (USB, solar and DC voltages up to 36 V)
  • Second device software configured as a repeater (relay messages to Sigfox - can't be configured as low-power device in this configuration)
  • Valve or solenoid driver output
  • Easy magnetic mounting
  • Cloud monitoring web platform
  • Android and iOS apps
  • USB serial device interface and data read-out
Downloadable resources
  • SmartTelematicsDevice.pdf

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Sigfox Ready

Class 1

End Product Certificate P_0195_998C_01


Actionable data

The device sends data regarding:

  • Location
  • Speed
  • Heading
  • Battery level
  • Temperature
  • Motion
  • Telematics (such as impacts)
  • Sensors attached
  • Tamper status
Typical number of messages per duration


Expected period without human intervention

2 year(s)

Expected life duration

10 year(s)

Roadmap information

The following are the envisioned future features of the product:

  • Full telematics dashboard with harsh-braking, harsh-cornering and reckless lane-change event monitoring.
  • Wireless peripheral devices to be attached to existing device, such as panic button, vehicle information monitor and safe vehicle immobilisation.
  • Develop a range of external sensors to be compatible with the device.
  • Plan to have different enclosures and product evolutions to meet client requirements.
Minimum order quantity to custom product

1000 products


Commercially availableSep, 2020

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We can provide commercial support in the following countries

Iran, Islamic Republic Of, Oman, Reunion, Singapore, South Africa, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Production capabilities

10,000-50,000 items

Sample available


Technical Details

Product casing

Dimensions (in mm): 84 x 52 x 41

Weight: 126gr

IP Code: IP66

Recommended operating temperature: -20° to 70° C

Customizable casing: Yes

Customizable fixation: Yes

Minimum order quantity for custom casing or fixation: 1000 products



Mandatory - Internal


Mandatory - Internal


Mandatory - Internal


Mandatory - Internal


Mandatory - Internal


Optional - External

Water flow / Consumption

Optional - External


Optional - External


Optional - External


Optional - External


Optional - External


Optional - External


Optional - External


Optional - External




Type: PIFA


Battery life: 3 Years

Battery total Voltage (V): 3.6

Battery total Capacity (mAh): 9000

Product Connectivity

Sensitivity (in dB): -123

Embedded Software

Flashable Firmware: Yes

External antenna

A connector for an external antenna is available


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