Main-Iot Leak Guard Alarm Service

Main-Iot Alarm Service works with Main-IoT Leak Guard. It's included to Leak Guards purchase price.


Commercially Available

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Xortec Oy


Main-Iot Alarm Service works only with Main-Iot Leak Guard. User can register up to three phone numbers and one email address per device to receive alarms. When Main-IoT Leak Guard detects water,  Alarm service sends alarm email and sms to all registered phone numbers. If no answer sms is send from any number or if link send with alarm email is not clicked, within one minute, Alarm Service makes an automated phone call to all registered numbers. Alarm Service keeps calling until someone answers or total 5 times in every minute.

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  • Xortec-MainIoT-Esite-A4-V8.pdf

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Commercially Available

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+50,000 items

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